Canopy Secrets – Wompoo Fruit-Doves


Canopy Secrets – Wompoo Fruit Doves

The Wompoo fruit-dove is a large and strikingly beautiful, though unusual coloured pigeon. You can find the Wompoo mainly in mature rainforests, occasionally occurring in moist eucalypt and brush-box forests from Cape York Peninsula down to the Hunter Region in NSW. In NSW it is considered a vulnerable species, though once it flies across the border to Queensland it is considered unthreatened.  It is rarely seen, preferring the canopy, more often it is heard with its very distinctive “wom….poooo” call. If you would like to listen to its call, please visit


Medium: Oil on Board

Size: Unframed Size – 560mm x 710mm
Size: Framed Size – 700mm x  850mm