How to Commission Work with Katherine

Would you like something special? A particular species? A canvas of a certain size? Special colours? Or maybe a painting that is painted especially for you... something close to your heart...

Give me a brief for your painting - species, subject, size of painting, basic look and feeling the you are after - and I will draw up the composition and send a sketch to you for approval.

I will always do my best to complete the work for you as close as possible to the time frame given. This could be a few weeks or months depending on the workload I have.

My aim is to completely please the client, painting to the brief and maintaining a high degree of quality in every piece of work.

I ask for a deposit, normally 30% at start of the painting. Every client I have had has been completely happy with the work I have done. If however there is some reason the client is not happy with the work, I will refund the deposit for paintings that I can easily resell. This does not apply in rare cases to paintings with highly unusual or personal subject matter.

...hmmm, what would I like?